Newsletter #2: Here’s what we’ve been up to!
December 1, 2023

Our collective efforts focused on addressing a critical gap in mental health awareness, particularly anxiety, within Higher Education (HE) institutions across Europe.

Our project acknowledges the lack of sufficient evidence supporting good practices, policies, and initiatives at the national or regional level to effectively deal with mental health issues in HE institutions.

💡 Needs Identification and Analysis

To bridge this gap, we initiated the first work package, which entailed a thorough Needs Identification and Analysis. Through this process, we examined existing practices, policies, and initiatives in Poland, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and Greece, while also considering the unique needs and challenges faced by HE institutions. Our goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of mental health awareness and anxiety management in the European context.

📄 Good Practice Guidelines

Our collaborative effort culminated in the creation of Good Practice Guidelines, a vital outcome of the project that will serve as a roadmap for addressing mental health issues in HE institutions. The development of these guidelines involved the active participation and input from all project partners, ensuring that a diverse range of perspectives and experiences were taken into account.

Summing up, the key steps in this process included:

  • Needs Identification and Analysis: A comprehensive examination of existing practices, policies, and initiatives related to mental health awareness and anxiety management in HE institutions.
  • Drafting of the Good Practice Guidelines: Building on the insights gained from the needs assessment, guidelines were drafted to form the foundation of our project’s impact.
  • Final Review of the Good Practice Guidelines by all Partners: A collaborative effort to refine and enhance the guidelines, incorporating the valuable perspectives of all project partners.
  • Finalisation and Design of the Good Practice Guidelines: The final stage where the guidelines were polished and presented in a cohesive manner, ready for dissemination and implementation.

The completion of these crucial stages marks a significant milestone, and we are eager to witness the impact of our collective efforts on mental health awareness in Higher Education institutions.


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