Newsletter #3: Our collective efforts resulted in a highly successful first year of the project!
March 20, 2024

The work carried out and the quality attained in the relevant project work packages during the first year of implementation is highly satisfactory, as indicated by partners’ feedback and assessment tools. Overall, the project has met its objectives and milestones in line with the work plan, proceeding as targeted.

Awareness Raising Handbook

Our collaborative effort culminated in the creation of the “Awareness Raising Handbook”, a comprehensive guide designed to promote mental health awareness among students, staff, and faculty of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

What does the Handbook provide?

The Handbook offers the knowledge and tools needed to promote mental health awareness. In the context of higher education, mental health plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall student experience. Students often encounter various stressors, including academic pressures, social adjustments, and personal transitions. Understanding their mental health is crucial as it affects academic performance and quality of life.

What’s Inside the Handbook

The content of the modules developed:

  1. Introduction to Mental Health
  2. Guide on Recognising Anxiety Among Students
  3. Guide on Developing Skills for Managing Anxiety
  4. Mental Health Awareness in Wholescale HEIs

The Handbook was tested and reviewed in multiple HEIs across Europe and the beneficiaries’ feedback were considered in the finalisation process. The Handbook will be published online in April 2024 as an Open Education Resource and will be freely available for widespread use.

Our Next Steps

Our next step is to develop an Online Training Platform titled – Connecting and experience sharing. This work involves training seminars for HEI staff hosted on an e-training platform.

During this training activity, the staff will have an opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge, attitudes, skills and tools to successfully mentor their students, regarding the developing mental health awareness in HE.

We are excited about what’s coming next!


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